Monday, October 4, 2010

Work your love or love your work

As a kid I wanted to be a scientist, I would read books about great scientists and marvel at what they had created - but I have often wondered what was the source of my motivation ? Was it the fact that they were really intelligent and famous , or that they had found ways to touch millions of lives with their ideas.
Was it fame or was it the ability to help millions with just your idea the driving impulse in my mind ? The answer was really multi-dimensional - it was not fame alone - I did not want to be a movie star, it was not public service alone - I did not want to be Baba Amte or Mother Teresa - it was a mix of all these - I needed some external validation ( fame) of my capabilities ( mind ) but would gain satisfaction in having some real impact on people's lives
Now that I stand at a cross roads again - having been in a career which has been somewhat fulfilling but has given me really none of the above - I stand looking at new directions, I am questioning myself - what do I really love...and I get that answer again..I wish to have impact on people's lives..but as these thoughts come to me, another thought comes - you cannot keep dreaming of only doing big things - then those things will remain in your dreams...You have to start in your own small way doing little things and the path will become clearer...that is how you work your love !!

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