Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ego & Love

Makes it worthwhile,
a reason to care,
brings joy with all you share,
love someone to be loved in return,
that's what makes the endless churn,
so easy to bear.

Yet loving yourself,
Changes the game over,
Am I being cared for, looked upto,
so that I could return the favor ?

Me, I, the self is prime...
yet it weakens the soul,
and there comes a time,
when a reptile is born ,
in the empty hole.

Sympathy brings warmth,
when meant for others,
directed at yourself,
feeds the serpent..
taints ur feathers.

A struggle..every moment..
did they respect me,
so are they worth my dime ?
Did you notice that affection,
came and went away..
every time...??