Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another story about Medical malpractice in India

How patients are advised much more expensive options that are actually detrimental to their health...The uterus snatchers of India

"Healthcare experts say the hysterectomy racket has its roots in the privatisation boom in the medical sector back in the mid- '80s.Till star politician NT Rama Rao came to power,healthcare was state-driven in Andhra Pradesh.

"It is around this time that the practice of unwanted hysterectomies first started showing up in the state,'' notes Veena Shatrugna,former deputy director of National Institute of Nutrition.She says the number of such procedures have steadily risen over the last two decades.

In government hospitals,poor patients are never randomly advised hysterectomies because government doctors stand to gain nothing by doing so."But private hospitals are not accountable to anyone and people were willing to pay for the procedure,'' she says.

Private doctors have also managed to wean away the queues from public hospitals with promises of quicker and better care. "