Monday, July 28, 2008

Testing and Resting ( on your laurels that is)

The hype :
Cuil, a new search engine has been created by former Google and IBM veterans, and they hope to succeed where others have failed and give powerhouse Google a run for its money.
Pronounced "cool," the company said that it has developed new architecture and algorithms and that its search engine has indexed 120 billion Web pages, which Cuil said is three times the number of pages as Google and 10 times as many as Microsoft.
The Reality :
Even after indexing 120 billion webpages, one would hope that the 'cool' search engine can atleast find itself.
Searching on the term 'cuil' it does not come up with its own webpage. Try it yourself :-
' Search on cuil at cuil '
Here is a screenshot of this search , for prosperity..cause I hope that the smart people at cuil would fix this soon.

I would think googling yourself would be the first thing anyone would try with any search engine. Is it possible that these guys were so busy releasing their search engine and resting on their past laurels that they did not do even the most basic of testing ?